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          Yinguang magnesium industry company management system successfully passed the third party audit
          Time:2015-12-28    Source:    Views:12284
          Feixian County Yinguang magnesium industry company quality, environment, occupation health and safety management system successfully passed the third party audit.
          Audit group consists of three experts around the radius of the certification center in Ji'nan. In a period of three days of audit, the expert group through discussion exchanges, access to documents, on-site view, etc., to the company's system certification within the scope of the various departments of the document suitability, site management standards, environmental factors and risk identification and control effectiveness and compliance with relevant laws and regulations were carefully reviewed. Through the audit, the expert group believes that the company's existing management system is perfect, stable and effective operation, in the provision of on-site management, to keep the environment clean, energy saving, pollution prevention and accident prevention and other aspects of the role of obvious, safe in line with the business development needs, to meet the relevant standards, agreed to the company management system through the audit. Colleagues, the expert group also continued to improve and enhance the management system and other aspects of the company put forward valuable suggestions and opinions for the company clearly defined the direction of the construction of management system.
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          Addr:Shandong province Feixian County fee Zhu Lu Ge Yu Duan  Tel:0539-5066110 5066303    
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